Welcome to Fendra Fx


Today begins a new chapter.

Welcome to Fendra Fx.

fendrafx.com offers artwork, utilities, and tutorials for the Visual Effects and Motion Design community. Browse through over 50 hours of free video tutorials, comprehensive paid training series (coming soon), download project files, automation scripts, and purchase artwork. Find tips, tricks and training for a variety of softwares such as After Effects, Cinema4D, Houdini, TurbulenceFD, X-Particles, Redshift, and more.

I have always been passionate about sharing knowledge and fendrafx.com allows me to share the tools and educational materials I've created over the years in a single space. Many of my classic scripts have been updated, and new project files have been made available.

Fendra Fx is viewer supported. Through purchasing artwork, media files, or even just simply donating, you help keep educational content and creative visuals coming.

I'm excited to share my life's work with you!

So please join me over at the new Fendra Fx site to continue learning and expanding your skill sets.

See you there.

- David Torno