After Effects ExtendScript Training: Ep. 18 Part 1, 2, & 3


Xanto Ash said...

Thanks a lot ! :)
I have a small question.
how to make a function to open another script file...
I do not know how to explain but i just want to run a script from another script.
thanks in advance for your response

manjunath karanth said...

Thanks for wonderful tutorial.

i have problem with creating gui using groups.

says "unterminated String constant".

I typed exactly and am using afx cc 2014 and extendscript cs6.

Plz tell me whats wrong.

Thank you


var res = "group {orientation:'row', alignment:['fill','fill'], alignChildren:['fill','fill'],\

grp1:Group{orientation:'column', alignment:['fill','fill'], alignChildren:['fill','fill'],\

grp2: Group{orientation:'row', alignment:['fill','top'], alignChildren:['fill','fill'],\

grabFX: Button{text:'Grab Project Effects', alignment:['left','top']},\

grp3:Group{orientation:'stack', alignment:['fill','fill'], alignChildren:['fill','fill'],\

progress: Progressbar{text:'progress status', value:0, maxvalue:0},\

feedback: StaticText{text:'', characters:38, alignment:['left','center']},\


saveList: Button{text:'save List', alignment:['right','top']},\

help: Button{text:'?', preferredSize:[30,-1]},\


listBox:ListBox{properties:{numberOfColumns:2, showHeaders:true, columnTitles:['Name','Match Name']}},\




sfivfxman said...

I've copied your text into ExtendScript Toolkit and it works just fine. The only thing I noticed was an extra character after your first and second line for "group" and "grp1", also the overall extra line spacing between lines. A resource string must be a continuous string and cannot have gaps or spaces. The reason for the ",\" characters at the end of each line is so you can type the code out in multiline form so it's easier to read.

manjunath karanth said...

Perfect !! thats it---no extra Lines--understood.Now GUI is opening.Thanks man!!!

But i ran into some other Typo errors and fixed which are visible to me.

I Checked all lines ping-ponging ur cool video tutorial- Ep 18.Still No Luck :(
Can you please attach or mail the working script.jsx so that i can compare two docs for Typo errors.

Please do the needful.

manjunath karanth said...

With the help of ur tutorials...I have also created a script where a parented 2D or 3D null is created in the average positions of selected 2D or 3D layers and also added calculator and notepad buttons to GUI.:)Plz review my naive code, and help me with calculator and notepad where after effects freezes until i close the current item(calc or notepad).Thanks

Plz tell me where can i attach myCode.jsx otherthan this(Box); :)

Thank you

sfivfxman said...

For any posting and heavy code explanations, it is best to post it on the Adobe scripting forums. Myself and other knowledgeable people can more easily help you there. https://forums.adobe.com/community/aftereffects_general_discussion/ae_scripting?view=discussions