AEScripts Contributor Announcement

Hi all, 2009 proved to be a very busy year for me thankfully, even during the harsh economic times. With the new year upon us, I am doing my best to bring forth some more new After Effects scripts and video tutorials. Lots of ideas have been gathering in my head over the last five months with little free time to make them happen, that is until now. I am proud to announce my official debut as an after effects script contributor to AEScripts, a great resource for the top After Effect scripts around, run by the widely popular Lloyd Alvarez. If you are looking to add some OOOMF! to your After Effects workflow, this is the place to go.

So with this announcement you will now notice an another tiny logo on the top left corner of some of my future postings that point to AEScripts. And if anyone is asking, YES, I am still planning some more video tutorials for ProVideo Coalition. I may not be able to knock out lot's of these things every week like most contributors, but I do plan to keep making them as best I can. ;)

Happy New Years to you all and I hope you enjoy all that is to come.